Learning About Purchase Orders

When you’re looking at the details surrounding everything that you’re doing at your business, it’s likely that you’re looking at a lot of different things that may be involved in invoicing and providing people with the info they need during transactions. But, if you’re new to business, you may be trying to sort out all of the different things that you may need to give. Maybe you’re looking at a free online PO template and trying to figure out what it’s for. Let’s take a closer look. 

What is a Purchase Order?

In short, a purchase order is the document that you’re sending to a company that you’re purchasing items from. It gives them permission to get started with the order and provides them with the info they need to fulfill that order fully.

What’s the Difference Between a Purchase Order and an Invoice?

A purchase order is the form that you fill out in order to provide a vendor with the info you need in order to put an order in. An invoice is what a vendor sends after you make an order to let you know how much you owe to them.

How Do You Set A Purchase Order Up?

Thankfully, it’s really simple to find a template that you can use in order to set up your purchase orders. Many of them just allow you to put the information into the purchase order and save it to your PC. Then, you can print it, send it via email, or fax it to the vendor that you’re purchasing from.

Find the templates that work best for what you’re trying to do and you’ll see why it can make a really big difference for you to go ahead and put together more organized, neatly set up options for this sort of work.