Becoming a Whiz Kid with Other People’s Cargo

Readers, if you have just joined the rest of the world after a very long period of hibernation, welcome to the twenty-first century. If you are one of those very few readers (how are you doing with your newfound ability to navigate the internet wires, by the way – or as they say in social media circles; BTW) that were still stuck in the dark ages, welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Yes, that’s right, there have been at least two others since that historic First Industrial Revolution when the so-called civilized world was introduced to the powerful capacity of steam and its engines.

If you have been one of those readers still quite used to thumbing your way slowly through thick tomes of, some, over a thousand pages long, welcome to the Internet of Things. Yes, that’s what they are calling it these days. You have no idea. Since you awoke to your first batch of internet and software inspired ideas (heck, there is even something out there, quite literally, known as ‘cloud computing – imagine that?) there have been so many incredible innovations.


It’s all changed. It’s all changed the way people are interacting with each other and the way they do business, and at great profit to boot. There’s something out there called a cargowiz. No longer in an experimental or testing phase, it is out there and it has turned the cargo loading, transportation and shipping businesses on its head. But as with most things that are part of the internet of things and this the fourth Industrial Revolution, it is all good, for both the commercial (and domestic) customers out there, and the entrepreneurial-minded startups that have willingly and ambitiously taken ownership of these great tools.